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How to Get the Best Deal When Buying a New Car

The purchase of a new car is one of the largest investments in a woman’s life, and with abundant resources of online information geared for them; the process is more empowering than for past generations. The best deal results from being prepared and studies show that if a woman doesn’t negotiate, she pays $1,353 more than men, which can become $3,000 over the span of a car loan.

How to confidently engage with car dealerships is a process that involves a bit of due diligence and an enterprising spirit. After you’ve researched consumer reports and reviews for the type of vehicle for your lifestyle and budget, the next considerations are where to find a trusted car dealership and strategizing your negotiating tactics. Some factors to consider include:

Research for the Top Car Dealerships: Searching for the best dealer in your area is likely just a few clicks away. For the advantages of working with top certified women friendly car dealers, visit online consumer rating sites to search which dealers are certified, reviews on consumer’s purchasing experiences and car tips for women.

Don’t Reveal Your Target Price: Stay quiet about your price range when initially talking with a dealer, as this will avoid setting a number which the dealer may not go below. Allow them to discuss the lowest price first than work from there.

Know the Best Time to Shop: Negotiate towards the end of the month or the end of the year, when salesmen are striving to reach their quotas. Late summer and autumn are when new models are revealed, and dealerships are more willing to negotiate better deals on previous years’ models.

Take it on the Road: Don’t skimp on the test drive, but take it out into your typical conditions for a lengthy time. Ask if you can keep it overnight and involve the family for their input.

Negotiating Your Trade-In: To ensure top value for your trade-in, keep the value of your old vehicle out of the negotiation process until the price of the new car is settled. Negotiate them separately with the trade-in as one component, and the new car price as another. For the highest appraisal of your trade-in, provide any service receipts and have it in clean condition. Provide a printed copy of its estimate or appraisal to the dealership when you settle the final deal. Dealers in most states will give you a credit for the value of your trade-in when determining the purchase price for sales tax calculations, which can result in substantial savings.

Get the Best Financing: To save hundreds or more on the life of your loan, it’s worth shopping for competitive financing offers. Obtain several pre-approved loans first to present to your dealership so you know who’ll provide the lowest costs. Also, your credit score will impact your interest rate, and a score between 720 and 850 will secure you the best rate.

Costs over Time: Be sure you are buying a car that suits your lifestyle and that you can genuinely afford, keeping in mind you will make payments for 3 to 5 years. Confirm with your insurance agent beforehand on the costs and any possible savings for its safety features.

Did you Know You can Shop and Negotiate Online?

A common practice is to request quotes from the Internet Sales Manager through dealer’s websites. Or instead of contacting various dealers separately, free online services such as Edmunds or CarDirect will send your request to multiple dealerships at once. With different pricing quotes usually within 24 hours, you have the upper hand to then work with the lowest priced dealer. Saving time and energy; this will fast-track the process with less intimidation or sales tactics.

There are more resources than ever to assist women to get the best deal when independently buying a new car. Top women friendly car dealerships add value to the entire purchasing experience and are a trusted go-to source of information and support with a new vehicle purchase for you and your family.


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