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Women drivers need car insurance just as much as men and studies show that women drivers get cheaper car insurance rates however do you really know why? Are women drivers simply better than men or do they just know to compare car insurance companies better?

Car insurance companies base premiums on risk and in many cases women drivers (as a group) simply have a lower risk profile however this doesn’t mean all women drivers will have lower car insurance rates than their male friends. No matter what sex you are shopping for car insurance takes time and knowledge to get the best type of policy coverage and is dedicated to providing a wealth of information about the types of car insurance, ways to save money, car insurance requirements and more.

We also have a wide range of topics to help women drivers understand auto insurance, help save money when buying a car and enough statistics to prove your doubting friends that women drivers are indeed better drivers than men. Get started, compare car insurance quotes by ZIP code today!

How much money can you save as a Women Driver?

A fair question, but one without an exact answer. While women drivers certainly pay less for car insurance than male drivers of the same profile your auto insurance rates are determined based on a number of factors including credit history, driving record, the type of vehicle insured and more.

Most women drivers typically save up to 15% or more than male drivers but there are still times when a woman driver is considered higher risk. The best thing to do is start a car insurance comparison search and research all your options. If you put the same amount of effort in comparing car insurance than you do buying a new pair of shoes then it’s possible to find great rates no matter where you live!

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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